Burger Station 23 is not to come and eat a quick meal, but it is intended for gourmets who know what they want to experience a special experience of a selection of fresh and special hamburgers that is not like it anywhere or anything else that you have known since before you touched Burger Station 23 Tel Aviv.

At Burger Station 23 we don’t just grind up some random pieces of meat and call it a hamburger. Our hamburgers are made from 100% carefully selected, locally grown, freshly ground beef, which is ground on site every day and served juicy that melts in your mouth, similar to the most exclusive and prestigious mix steaks.
The meat consists of 12 carefully selected butcher cuts of wagon meat, which gives the dishes the aroma and juiciness of our brand.

Not only the meat is special, our buns are also a work of art! They are made from a natural fur brioche bun that gets its unique color from natural ingredients such as beets, spinach, turmeric and zinc, which gives them a unique, colorful, healthy look! And the most important thing is that it’s delicious and you don’t feel the flavors at all. We believe that a hamburger should not only taste great but also look special, that’s why we turned our buns into a 100% natural and delicious colorful art.

In our restaurant you will also find a vegetarian and vegan option. The patty is made from “Beyond-Meat” meat and imported from the USA with a special addition from our chef that makes it particularly appetizing. We believe that everyone can enjoy a great hamburger and it doesn’t matter what their dietary preference is, but similar to what we produce it is very difficult for other restaurants to meet the standards and investment that we spend and invent every time anew!

We know that the hamburger can’t be perfect without a good topping and that’s why we prepare all the toppings from the smokehouse of the place and all the toppings of the corrupt are made from a careful selection of fresh butcher cuts that rest for 24 hours on coals in the smokehouse. At Burger Station 23, we use fresh, high-quality ingredients every day – the fries, onion rings, potatoes and crispy chicken, like all the dishes in the restaurant, are made on site every day from the freshest and best ingredients.

At Burger Station 23 we make sure to provide our customers with the perfect experience of the extraordinary special dishes, in a fun and enjoyable atmosphere from the first moment to the last bite using the highest quality and freshest ingredients for the enjoyment of the guests. The staff will always make sure to provide our On-the-House guests with special treats that will always make them feel like they belong and in their familiar surroundings.

Join us for the ultimate hamburger experience. Feel the difference that fresh ingredients can make. Lamb hamburger, Angus beef cart, Kentucky Crispy Chicken, Animal Gangle, Burger 70, Beyond Meat, spoiled hamburgers and many more special dishes with an unforgettable taste that we only know how to produce.

The Hipoi real estate mogul and the restaurateur of the Yunus Oseroff restaurant chain, who was known from previous years for creating authentic cuisine from the stuffed and roasted lamb dishes, and the osobuku and other special dishes that he produced at the Yunus Gadol restaurant next to the Itzik Gadol restaurant on Raziel Street in Tel Aviv-Yafo. Younes is responsible for all the restaurant’s recipes that are produced by him and carefully developed over 8 months. Always makes sure to introduce and produce new flavors and of course does not compromise on the quality of the ingredients and that is the alphabet of success.

Very soon we will introduce special dishes that are not available in the entire region. Stuffed lamb dishes, stuffed chicken dishes, mixed rice with pieces of lamb/beef in a clay pot into the smoker over coals for 24 hours and of course other special and stuffed dishes with a smoky flavor and more…
You can read about us on Google, and you can enter Walt and be impressed by the dishes we prepare.

Businesses can be accepted until 18:00
We work with Wolt, Sibus & Ten-bis.
Special prices can be made for companies!
Sign up for the customer club and enjoy over 10% off.
The restaurant is located in front of Gate 5 in front of Bloomfield Stadium in Tel Aviv, at 23 Shaarit Israel St. Tel Aviv-Yafo.

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